Exotica Fruit Farms

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Exotica Fruit Farms

Exotica Fruit Farms

Welcome to Exotica Fruit Farms and Birding


Experience the real Belize, off the beaten track!

Why choose us?

3 Levels of Belizean Experience

Rent Your Private Rainforest Estate

Our luxurious four bedroom 2600 square foot home with pool and deck sleeps eight, nestled in the midst of a 62 acre rainforest estate with exotic fruit orchards


To our rental guests, and by special arrangement to outside groups, we offer birding tours in our rainforest.

Fresh Organic Exotic Fruit

We grow 293 varieties of organic tropical exotic fruit, from the more common varieties such as mango and papaya, to the totally esoteric types like rambutan and jaboticaba.

Exotica is most ideally experienced if you can enjoy all three activities together: book our luxurious jungle estate home, savour our fruit, and enjoy the unique birds in our rainforest!


To enrich every guest with a great experience and a better appreciation for the real Belize, our lovely birds, exotic fruits, biodiversity and beauty.


To be considered among the best rainforest accommodations, birding experiences and exotic fruit experiences in Belize.


We promote healthy living and a healthy planet.  Our farming methods are fully organic and sustainable.    Over 90% of our electricity comes from our own solar power.

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